Accessing Page PeopleCode

This section provides an overview of page PeopleCode and discusses how to access page PeopleCode.

Page PeopleCode is associated with a page definition. The page event set consists of a single event, the Activate event, which fires every time the page is activated. This event is valid only for pages that are defined as standard or secondary, and it is not supported for subpages.

To access PeopleCode associated with a page, right-click any part of the page definition and select View Page PeopleCode.

Note: Page PeopleCode can only be accessed in this way. You cannot access Page PeopleCode from the component definition Structure tab, from a project, or any other way.

The PeopleCode Editor appears. If the page has associated PeopleCode, it appears in the editor.

Note: The term page PeopleCode refers to PeopleCode programs owned by pages. Do not confuse page PeopleCode with PeopleCode properties related to the appearance of pages, such as the Visible Page Class property.