Considerations Using PeopleCode in PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture

Consider the following points when writing PeopleCode programs for PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture:

  • To help your application run efficiently, avoid using field-level PeopleCode events (FieldEdit and FieldChange).

    Each field-level PeopleCode program requires a trip to the application server.

    The majority of PeopleCode programs run on the application server as part of the component build and save process. Do not hesitate to use PeopleCode for building and saving components.

  • If a user changes a field but nothing on that field will cause a trip to the server, then default processing and FieldFormula PeopleCode do not run.

    This processing occurs only when another event causes a trip to the server.

    Other fields that depend on the first field using FieldFormula or default PeopleCode are not updated until the next time a server trip occurs.

  • In applications that run on the PeopleSoft portal, external dynamic link information must be placed in RowInit PeopleCode.

    If external dynamic link information is placed in FieldChange PeopleCode, it will not work.

  • Trips to the server are reduced when a component runs in deferred processing mode.

    Each trip to the server results in the page being completely refreshed on the browser, which may cause the display to flicker. It can also slow down your application. Deferred processing mode results in better performance.