Editing Application Classes

From an application package, you can access the PeopleCode programs associated with the classes of the package.

The Application Packages Editor and the PeopleCode Editor interfaces are similar. You can add, delete, and change text, you can use the find and replace functions, and you can validate syntax. When you save application packages, the code is automatically formatted (indented and so on), just as it is in the PeopleCode Editor.

The editor window contains the main edit pane, the drop-down definition list at the upper-left, and the drop-down event list at the upper-right, as shown in the following example:

Image: Example of Application Packages Editor window

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Example of Application Packages Editor window. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Example of Application Packages Editor window

Only one event is defined for an application class, OnExecute. This is not an event in the Component Processor flow. The application class runs when called.

The drop-down list at the upper-left enables you to navigate directly to the PeopleCode associated with every class in the package, as well as to every subpackage and its classes.

To edit an application class:

  1. Open the application package.

  2. Select a class.

  3. Either select View, PeopleCode or right-click and select View PeopleCode.

    A PeopleCode Editor window appears.