Instantiating Rowsets Using Non-Component Buffer Data

Both the application message and the file layout technologies represent hierarchical data, and both use the rowset, row, record, and field hierarchy. Though you use different methods to instantiate a rowset object for this data, you still use the same rowset, row, record, and field methods and properties to manipulate the data. (Any exceptions are marked in the documentation.)

To instantiate a rowset for a message:

&MYROWSET = &MSG.GetRowset();

To instantiate a rowset for a file layout:

&MYFILE = GetFile(&SOMENAME, "R");

If &MYFILE.IsOpen Then 
     &MYROWSET = &MYFILE.ReadRowset();

In an Application Engine program, the default state record is considered the primary record and the main record in context. You can access the default state record using the following:

&STATERECORD = GetRecord();

If you have more than one state record associated with an Application Engine program, you can access them the same way you would access other, nonprimary data records, by specifying the record name. For example: