Understanding the TransformData Class

When Integration Broker invokes a Application Engine transform program, it inserts the message content into a PeopleCode system variable, %TransformData, which remains in scope throughout the Application Engine program. Each program step can access the variable in turn and modify its content, which then becomes available to the next step.

In the Application Engine program, XSLT steps and PeopleCode steps access %TransformData differently:

  • In XSLT, the data is automatically made available to your program. The XSLT program is literally a presentation of the output structure and data, which includes XSL tags that reference, process, and incorporate the input data into the output structure. There‚Äôs no need to explicitly refer to %TransformData, which automatically receives the interpreted result of the XSLT step.

  • In PeopleCode, use the PeopleCode %TransformData system variable to access the TransformData object. You access the XML data as the XmlDoc property of the TransformData object, which you then assign to an XmlDoc object and process normally. Because the XmlDoc object is a reference to the data portion of %TransformData, your modifications are automatically passed back to the system variable.