PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

The primary role of Process Scheduler is to support the PeopleSoft application environment. With a PeopleSoft application, you might want to perform certain processes (such as running programs, batch programs, reports, and so on) in the background of the online system. Running reports, posting journal entries, loading benefit enrollment forms, and calculating payroll deductions are all examples of processes that you might want to perform independently of the PeopleSoft application.

Using PeopleSoft Process Scheduler can streamline your business practices by enabling you to take advantage of the distributed computing environment at your site, whereby you can schedule performance-sensitive jobs to run on a powerful server while the online system is still available to end users.

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler enables you to:

  • Schedule recurring processes.

  • Create jobs (groups of processes).

  • Schedule a process request to run on any date or during any time interval that your business requires, such as monthly, daily, hourly, or by the minute.

  • Submit a job to run several processes and conditionally schedule successive processes based on the status of a previous process in the job.

Note: PeopleSoft Process Scheduler does not support any third-party products, such as AUTOSYS.