Understanding the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Configuration File

Use the PSADMIN utility to configure and administer the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server Agent. PSADMIN is supported on only Windows and UNIX. However, in some cases, you can run the PSADMIN utility on operating systems that are not supported application servers.

Configuring a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler server is similar to configuring application servers and web servers. From the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Administration menu, you invoke a text-driven interface that prompts you for parameter values. All of the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler server configuration information for a specific database is contained in the PSPRCS.CFG configuration file, and the PSADMIN provides an interface to edit this file.

PeopleSoft automatically archives the Process Scheduler configuration file whenever it is changed. The older version is archived as PSPRCS_<Time Stamp>.CFG, and the current version becomes psprcs.cfg. The archive directory path is <PS_Home>\Appserv\prcs\<database>\Archive\. (for example, c:\pt844\Appserv\prcs\fin844\Archive\).

Note: The PSPRCS.CFG file supports environment variables. For example, the TEMP setting in the [Process Scheduler] section can look like this: TEMP=%TEMP%.

Note: This topic does not discuss how to install and configure a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server.