Limitations of Process Scheduler Server

In the USS environment, Process Scheduler submits COBOL and SQR by means of a JCL. Although Process Scheduler can capture the job name of a JCL, it is incapable of capturing the job ID assigned by TSO. Consequently, Process Scheduler does not have the ability to query or manage a JCL that has been submitted to the TSO environment.

As a result, Process Scheduler does not have the ability to cancel a JCL job when a user requests to cancel an SQR or COBOL process using the Process Monitor page. While Process Scheduler does not kill the JCL associated with the process, it does make the slot available for any other queued SQR or COBOL processes. Therefore, you must manually cancel the JCL from a TSO session.

Note: This limitation does not apply to Application Engine requests initiated from z/OS. The executable of an Application Engine is terminated when a user cancels the submitted request from the Process Monitor page.