Log and Output Directory

Specify the Log/Output Directory variable in the configuration file to set a common log and output directory. The default is:

Log/Output Directory=%PS_SERVDIR%\log_output

For each process request, a subdirectory is created in the log and output directory. The naming convention that is used for the subdirectory is:

<Process ID>_<Program Name>_<Process Instance>

The assigned process ID is based on the process request’s process type.

Process Type

Process ID



Application Engine






Cube Manager




XML Publisher




For example:

  • In psprcs.cfg, set Log/Output Directory=%PS_SERVDIR%\log_output.

  • Set PS_SERVDIR=c:\pt800\appserv\prcs\ptdmo.

    c: represents the drive on the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler server, not the client workstation.

  • User runs the SQR report XRFWIN.SQR.

  • Process instance is 23.

Using the preceding information, the system writes the output to the following location:


Usually, the log files and reports are written to the subdirectory in the log and output directory. Reports and log files are not written to this directory when:

  • A user specifies a directory on the Process Request Dialog page.

    This option is available only for the output destination type of File.

  • The process definition is set for a process to restrict the output destination type of File, and a specific directory is specified, other than the meta-string %%OutputDirectory%%.

  • A process profile that is assigned for the user who submitted the request indicates an output directory other than %%OutputDirectory%%.

  • A program hard-codes the directory to which the log or report should be written.

To control this location and prevent users from sending output to another location, use the process profile for a permission list in PeopleSoft Security Administrator by:

  • Specifying a file and printer destination in the Server Destinations group box.

  • Disabling the Override Output Destination parameter in the Allow Requester To group box.

Deleting the Log and Output Subdirectory

The subdirectory, which is created by the Process Scheduler server to store all the logs and reports that are generated by the initiated process, will be deleted when the output destination type is Web and the files are successfully posted to the report repository.

For output destination types of anything other than Web, the subdirectory will be deleted during the purging process when the process request that is associated with the subdirectory is deleted from the process request table.

If the Process Scheduler Server detects that the space capacity of the log/output directory is below the threshold, it will stop processing any queued requests. This threshold is the bottom line minimum before the Process Scheduler considers the log to be full. By default, the threshold is set to 10 MB.

During the maintenance check, based on the HeartBeat, if the space capacity threshold drops below the threshold:

  • A disk full message gets logged in SCHDLR.LOG.

  • The status of Process Scheduler server in the Process Monitor will reflect LOG DISK FULL.

  • An email notification is sent to the administrator.