Securing Passwords When Scheduling from Outside the PeopleSoft System

As a PeopleSoft customer, you can create an interface to insert entries into the Process Request table to be scheduled by the Process Scheduler. However, keep in mind that the values that you insert into the PARMLIST (Parameter List) field in the PRCSPARMS table are displayed in the Process Monitor Detail page. These values can also be seen in the notifications that are sent out by Process Scheduler.

To ensure that any user passwords or access IDs and passwords are not displayed in any pages, notifications, or logs, you can replace the actual values with the following meta-strings:

User password: %%OPRPSWD%%

Access ID: %%ACCESSID%%

Access password: %%ACCESSPSWD%%

Note: Process Scheduler has a mechanism to replace the meta-strings with the actual values when initiating these requests and to ensure that the actual values are not displayed in any pages or log files.