Setting Up Process Scheduler to Run the POSTRPT_DMN Program

This section discusses the steps required to activate the POSTRPT_DMN program from any Process Scheduler server. When a Process Scheduler server is activated to have the POSTRPT_DMN program run through PSDAEMON, the program checks for any new XML files in the <PS_HOME>\appserv\prcs\<Database Name>\files\reports directory.

Note: For the changes to take effect, you must reboot the Process Scheduler server.

Image: Process Scheduler - Servers - Daemon page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Process Scheduler - Servers - Daemon page.

Process Scheduler - Servers - Daemon page

To set up a Process Scheduler server to run the POSTRPT_DMN program in PSDAEMON:

  1. Go to PeopleTools, Process Scheduler, Daemon Group.

  2. Add a new Daemon Group.

    For example, add QEDAEMON. The Daemon Group page appears.

  3. Use the drop-down list to add the POSTRPT_DMN program, and click Save.

  4. Select PeopleTools, Process Scheduler, Servers.

  5. Select the server definition for the Process Scheduler server on which you intend to run the POSTRPT_DMN program.

  6. Go to the Daemon page and complete the information as shown in the example that precedes these instructions.

  7. Click Save.