Using Data Mover Scripts to Delete Reports

When PeopleSoft Process Scheduler is set to perform a periodic purge on the System Purge page in System Settings, it triggers the Application Engine program PRCSYSPURGE. This program purges both the Process Request and Report Manager tables. As part of the Report Manager cleanup, it also purges the reports from the Report Repository and archives the data into the Report Archive table.

Data Mover Scripts are provided to delete the entries in Process Request tables, Report Manger tables, and report entries. Theses scripts should only be run if the customer wants to delete all of the data in the associated tables. The scripts are located in $PS_HOME/scripts. This table lists and describes the scripts:

Data Mover Script



Purges all entries in the Process Request tables.


Purges all entries in the Report Manager tables.


Purges all report entries registered for a report folder.

Note: This script only deletes the report entries on the database where it is run. If you have multiple databases that populate the report folder, you will need to run the script on each database to clean up all report folder entries.

Note: All three scripts should be run to ensure that all of the data is deleted.