Using the PeopleCode ProcessRequest Class

The ProcessRequest class is the primary PeopleCode construct that you use for invoking processes through PeopleSoft Process Scheduler using PeopleCode. The ProcessRequest PeopleCode can be called from a:

  • Push button.

  • Save page.

  • Field change event.

The ProcessRequest class provides properties and a method for scheduling a process or job that you have already defined using Process Scheduler Manager.

The properties of this class contain the same values as those that appear in Process Scheduler Manager for scheduling a process or job. Values that you provide for these properties may override the equivalent values set in Process Scheduler Manager, depending on the override settings that you make in PeopleSoft Process Scheduler pages.

Developers of PeopleSoft applications can simplify certain tasks for users by scheduling processes using PeopleCode. How you use the ProcessRequest construct depends on the nature of the task. You might want to segregate processes into specific categories, for example:

  • Processes that are initiated by an action, such as calculations.

    Selecting a check box or clicking a button might call this PeopleCode.

  • Reports that are associated with a function or set of tasks.

    A Print button might call this PeopleCode.

The ProcessRequest PeopleCode validates user input and writes a row to the Process Request table, providing the system with the information to run the process automatically, without user interaction. The Process Request table acts as the queue that the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server Agent uses to determine what jobs must be run and when.

Note: The PeopleSoft-delivered ProcessRequest PeopleCode can be used only for processes that do not pass in extra parameters. This means that reports that require extra parameters can be run only from the Run Control page.

You can schedule processes or jobs (groups of one or more processes) to run immediately or in the future. Recurring processes and jobs can be scheduled to run automatically at specific, user-defined intervals.

Note: The Window output type is not available if the user does not have REN server Report Window permission or if no active REN server cluster is available for reporting. The process would run using the Web output type and the following message would appear:

You do not have the permission required to run window option.