Language Support Rules for Producing Remote Portlets

Note: The ServiceDescription provides translations for the following strings: title, shortTitle, description, displayName, and keywords. The main language value is placed inside the <offeredPortlets> tag, other language strings are inside <resources> tags at the end of xml file. PeopleSoft applications store the mapping of three-character PeopleSoft language codes such as ENG, FRA, CFR, and DUT, as well as ISO locales such as en, en-US, fr, fr-ca, and nl.

When we produce remote portlets, we look at the definitions of the appropriate content references and generate the ServiceDescripton. If any multilanguage strings (such as cref label, description, and keywords) exist, we may have to include them into ServiceDescripton. The remote producer sends us the list of desired locales he is interested in and in response, we determine whether these desired locales have matching installed PeopleSoft language codes.

When generating the ServiceDescription, the PeopleSoft system tries to find matches for the desired locales to PeopleSoft installed languages using the following rules:

  • If the locale is installed, the system returns it.

  • If only the parent is installed, the system returns the parent. For example, if the desired locale is fr-ca and only fr is found, the system returns fr.

  • If no match is found, the system returns en (English).