Portal Technology Overview

In PeopleTools, portal technology consists of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and the various systems, code, and standards used for creating and managing portals.

PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture enables internet application deployment through a browser, and enables you to take advantage of PeopleSoft intranet solutions, internet solutions, and integration technologies. PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture runs seamlessly in portals created and managed by PeopleTools portal technology.

In PeopleTools, portals are built on top of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and enable you to easily access and administer content from a variety of providers, such as PeopleSoft FSCM, CRM, and HCM applications; other Oracle applications; and many third party content suppliers. PeopleTools portals enable you to combine content from these multiple sources and deliver the result to users in a unified, consistent, and intuitive interface.

The main elements of the PeopleTools portal technology are a portal servlet and an application server. These two elements work together to provide common portal processing features such as page assembly, content search and management, navigation, and homepage or dashboard personalization.

The terms portal technology, portal technologies, PeopleTools portal, and portal are used interchangeably throughout these topics to refer to the core portal technology delivered with PeopleTools.

For information related to licensing terms and restrictions for PeopleTools portal technology, refer to the Licensing Notes for Oracle's PeopleTools document available on the “PeopleTools Documentation Home Page” on My Oracle Support.