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Apache Software Foundation.

Java Portlet

A Java software module that conforms to the Portlet API.


Java Community Process: Established for the development of Java technology.


Java Specification Request: Each submission to the JCP gets assigned a unique JSR number.

JSR 168

The JCP specification that describes the Portlet API.


Security Assertion Markup Language: An XML standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between entities.

SAML provides a standard security token—a SAML assertion—that can be used with standard web services security frameworks.

See http://www.oasis-open.org/glossary/index.php


Simple Object Access Protocol: An XML-based messaging protocol framework for building and exchanging distributed, structured information in a decentralized and distributed environment.


Web Service Description Language: An XML language for describing web services; it defines the core language that can be used to describe web services based on what the services offer.


Web Services for Remote Portlets: A web services protocol for bringing together content and interactive web applications from remote sources.


Web Services Security Language: Supports security mechanisms, each using implementation and language-neutral XML formats, which include the use of:

  • XML signature to provide SOAP message integrity.

  • Use of XML encryption to provide SOAP message confidentiality.

  • Attaching and referencing security tokens and associating signatures with security tokens.


The ASF WSRP reference implementation project.


Extensible Markup Language: Describes data and focuses on what data is. XML is designed to structure, store, and send information.