Viewing OBIEE Report Details

Use the Report Details pages to view information about OBIEE reports.

Access the Report Detail page. (Select PeopleTools > Portal > OBIEE Setup > View Report Detail.)

Image: Report Detail page

The following screenshot illustrates viewing OBIEE report details on the Report Detail page.


Field or Control



Click the prompt to select the version of the OBIEE report to view.

Note: Each time you load the same report from the OBIEE server into the PeopleSoft application—regardless of whether the report has changed since last being loaded— the report version number increases by 1.

Access the Report Expression page. (Select the Report Expression tab.)

Image: Report Expression page

The following screenshot illustrates an example of Report Expression page.


Field or Control


Filter Expression

This display-only field indicates whether the OBIEE report has embedded filters. The is prompted filter indicates that the preceding field—in this case Markets.Region—is context-sensitive to the target page on the PeopleSoft application.

View Name

This display-only field indicates the types of views created by the OBIEE report builder as stored on the OBIEE server.

See Oracle Business Intelligence documentation for explanations of the available types of views.

Access the Report References page. (Select the Report References tab.)

Image: Report References page

Thi example illustrates the fields and controls on the Report References page.


Field or Control


PeopleSoft Pagelet ID

This value is supplied by default from the PTPPB_PAGELET_ID content reference attribute value that you enter on the pagelet Content Ref Administration page.

User Developed Pagelet ID

Enter the pagelet ID of any user-developed pagelets that you want to track. This field is informational only and has no validation behind it.

Access the Xml Definition page. (Select the Xml Definition tab.)

Image: Xml Definition page

The following screenshot illustrates an example of Xml definition page.


Field or Control


Report XML Definition

This field displays the XML tags and embedded data for the version of the report as it is currently loaded. Move the cursor inside the field and press Ctrl + A to select the text in its entirety.