Understanding My Preferences Personalizations

PeopleSoft offers a variety of options that enable end users to personalize their workspaces to complete business transactions in a more efficient manner. These options improve users’ navigation through the system, display content and options specific to their business needs, and display data in preferred formats.

PeopleSoft allows many levels of personalization. This topic focuses on end-user system-level preferences.

The My Preferences framework provides a WorkCenter-like interface for end-users to view and configure their system-level preference items, such as time format, date format, default dictionary language, and so on. These personalization options appear on the My Preferences page in the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture.

As a system administrator or developer, you define, customize, and select the personalizations that are available for end-users to on the My Preferences page using the pages in the Personalization component.

By default, PeopleTools delivers a set of personalizations that are categorized as General Settings. They include user personalizations such turning on accessibility features, defining the time and data format, managing pop-up notifications, and others.

When managing and administering multi-system environments, you can synchronize these preferences on all systems.