Configuring PeopleCode Trace

Select PeopleTools, Utilities, Debug, Trace PeopleCode to access the Trace PeopleCode page.

You use this page to change the PeopleCode tracing options while online. Use Trace PeopleCode to create a file displaying information about PeopleCode programs processed from the time that you start the trace. This page does not affect trace options that are set in PeopleSoft Configuration Manager.

You can also access the PeopleCode trace settings (with slightly different labels) when you sign in to the PeopleSoft application in a browser, by selecting the Set Trace Flag link below the Sign In button. You enable the Set Trace Flag link to appear on the sign-in page, by accessing the Debugging tab of the Web Profile Configuration page for your web profile.

Field or Control


Trace Evaluator Instructions

Select to show a line-by-line trace of the program

List Evaluator Program

Select to show the code of the PeopleCode program.

Show Assignments to Variables

Select to show variable assignments.

Show Fetched Values

Select to show values that are from PeopleCode Fetch call.

Show Stack

Select to display the PeopleCode evaluator's stack after each PeopleCode (internal) instruction.

Trace Start of Programs

Select to show the starting and ending points of the program.

Trace External Function Calls

Select to show calls to application written functions.

Trace Internal Function Calls

Select to show the calls to PeopleTools built-in function calls.

Show Parameter Values

Select to show function parameter values.

Show Return Parameter Values

Select to show function return parameter values.

Show Each

Select to trace each statement in the program.

Suppress Logs in Loop

Select to suppress the trace logs when the trace program involves a large number of “for” loops. The trace will print only the first pass and the loop count for each loop.

Note: You see this option only when you sign in to the PeopleSoft application in a browser. It is not available from the Trace PeopleCode page, or on the Configuration Manager Trace page.

Note: The Trace PeopleCode Utility decreases system performance because of the overhead that occurs during the monitoring and recording of all PeopleCode actions.

The check boxes on this page correspond to the options on the Trace tab in Configuration Manager. However, the selections that appear on this page do not necessarily reflect those that are made in Configuration Manager. While the Configuration Manager settings are stored in the Windows registry and used at each signon, the settings in the Utilities page only apply to the current online session, and, once set, they override the Configuration Manager's settings.

The benefit of using this page to control PeopleCode tracing is that you can turn it on and off without having to restart PeopleTools, and without resetting the Configuration Manager settings. Keep in mind, though, your selections are not enabled until you save the page.

To enable/disable PeopleCode tracing while online:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Utilities, Debug, Trace PeopleCode.

    The Trace PeopleCode page appears.

  2. Select or deselect the desired Options.

  3. Save the page.

    If you selected any of the check boxes, the system starts writing to the trace file.