Printing Trees

You can print either part of the tree or the whole tree. When you print an opened branched tree, just the branch prints.

Note: To avoid a browser or Tuxedo time-out, we recommend that you export large trees to PDF files before you print them.

To print a tree in Tree Manager:

  1. Highlight the node or leaf to print.

    To print a whole tree, highlight the root node, or do not highlight any part of the tree.

    To print part of a tree, highlight the top node for the hierarchy that you want to print. You can also select a detail value belonging to that hierarchy.

    Note: You cannot print a branch from the main tree. If you highlight a branch and click the Print Format link, a warning message appears asking you to first open the branch.

  2. Click the Print Format link on the navigation bar to format the entire tree so that it can be printed from your browser’s print function.

    The expanded tree appears in your browser.

    Note: The concept of pages does not exist on the Print Format page. For this reason, if a selected node hierarchy is too large, your browser may time out. To reduce the chances of a time-out occurring, print only the necessary portions of the tree.

  3. Click the Print button of your browser or select File > Print from your browser to print the tree.

    Note: Tree print jobs are sent to your default printer.