Simplified Analytics Overview

Simplified Analytics enables:

  • End users of a fluid application page to create contextual analytic reports.

    They can create their own reports based on the pre-defined templates by selecting the fields, filling the prompt fields, defining the layout, and selecting different types of visualizations.

  • Pivot Grid administrators or Pivot Grid super users to create and publish reports (based on the configured base templates) to all users of the component.

Note that:

  • To enable Simplified Analytics for a component, application developers or business administrators have to associate one or more Pivot Grid models (or base templates) to a component. They can also map page fields to the prompts that are associated with the template model to define the required context.

  • In the previous PeopleTools releases, business administrator or application developers with product training could create Pivot Grid models. Users used these pivot grid models, but they could not create their own models. From PeopleTools 8.55, the Simplified Analytic feature enables users to create contextual reports when accessing an application page.

  • The Simplified Analytics feature is only available for fluid components, and this feature must be enabled for fluid components before users can use the Simplified Analytics Wizard to create and view analytic reports.

  • If one or more pivot grid templates are associated with at least one page of a component, this feature will be enabled for all pages of that component, and you can be in any page of the component to create or view the analytic reports.

Enabling Simplified Analytics in a Fluid Component.

See the Assigning Related Content and Related Actions section in Configuring Related Content, Related Actions, and Menu and Frame Layouts.