What's New - Oracle Preconstruction 23.3

March 2023

Previous Releases: 23.2, 23.1


View Bid Revision History

Bid details now include the number of revisions, as well as an option to view previous versions of the bid.

Gif of Biid Revisions

View a Project's Email History

Use the new Email History tab to view and track emails sent to subcontractors, such as invitations to bid/quote and messages. In addition to email details, such as category and date sent, view the delivery status, and resend emails.

A screenshot of the Project Details page is displayed.  A new tab for Email History is selected, and shows the details and delivery status of project emails.

Hide Projects

On the All Projects page, use the Actions menu to hide projects you no longer want to appear in the projects list, such as those that are inactive or closed. A hidden project can be located through a search and unhidden when necessary.

A screenshot of the All Projects page is displayed. The Actions menu is selected for a project, and a new option to Hide is highlighted.


Add Team Members to an Opportunity

Use the new Team tab to add users from your organization to an opportunity. Invite users, and assign them Admin, Editor, or Viewer permissions.

A screenshot of the Opportunity details page is displayed. A new tab for Teams is selected, and shows a user in the organization assigned with admin and editor permissions.

What's New - Oracle Preconstruction 23.2

February 2023

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Previous Releases: 23.1


Track Addenda Viewed Status for a Bid/Quote

Subcontractors are now prompted to acknowledge that all addenda have been reviewed before submitting a bid. The bid details will confirm all addenda have been reviewed if the subcontractor has provided acknowledgment, and no new addenda have been published since.

A screenshot of the bid details window. A new field is highlighted, showing the subcontractor has reviewed all Addenda.

View Addenda Details for Opportunities

Use the new Addenda tab on the Opportunity details page to track updates and download revised files from published addenda. Previously, this information was only available through email updates.

A screenshot of the opportunity details page. An Addenda tab is now available with Addenda details.

What's New - Oracle Preconstruction 23.1

January 2023

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Expand/Collapse Allocation Matrix Folders

Use the expand and collapse options to control folders and files displayed in the Allocation Matrix.

Gif showing expand/collapse allocation matrix folders

Sort Bidder/Tenderer Search Results by Organization or Contact

Search for bidders, and then click in the Organization or Contact columns to sort by those fields.

A screen shot of the add bidder search results. Arrows are highlighted to sort the organization and contact name columns.

Indicator Added for Files with Pending Addenda

Upload a revision to a project file, and an indicator is displayed to reflect the addenda pending.

A screen shot of the Files tab of a project. An Addenda Pending indicator is highlighted, next to a file that has been updated.


Track Delivery of Invitations to Register

A warning is now displayed on the Directory page when an invitation to register was unable to be delivered. Click on the organization or contact name to view and update the problematic email addresses.

A screen shot of the Directory page. A warning is highlighted. The mouse is hovering over the warning, and the resulting message communicates that an invitation to register could not be delivered.

View a Pie Chart of a Subcontractor's Bidding/Quoting History

View the details of an organization in your directory, and on the Overview tab, view a pie chart with details on their bidding history. In addition to the invitations sent and bid rate, view a breakdown of the status of all invitations, or those from the last 6 or 12 months.

A screen shot of an organization's details. A pie chart is highlighted that shows the invitations sent and bid rate, then a breakdown of the status of invitiations.


Respond to Invitation to Bid/Quote Directly from Email

Use links in an invitation-to-bid email to accept or decline the invitation. Click yes, no, or undecided, and you will be directed to the opportunity in Preconstruction, and prompted to confirm your response.

A screen shot of an email with invitation to bid. Buttons are highlighted to indicate a response of yes, undecided, or no.

All Emails Now Include Support Contact Information

Details on how to contact support are now included at the bottom of all email communications. The contact details will vary depending on the region and content of the email.

A screen shot of the support contact information at the bottom of an email.

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Last Published Thursday, March 9, 2023