Understanding WorkCenters and Dashboards

WorkCenters are designed for specific roles and provide a central area for users to access key components. They enable users to access various pages and perform daily tasks without leaving the WorkCenter, which reduces the time used to navigate through menus.

WorkCenters are delivered as empty components. The system administrator from your organization is responsible for designing and creating links so that users can view and access specific links and pages.

WorkCenters that are accessed using a mobile device are similar to Classic WorkCenters but are designed using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. Some setup is performed using PeopleSoft Classic pages.

Click to watch a short video about PeopleSoft WorkCenters, for PeopleSoft Classic User Interface.

Click to watch a short video about Configuring WorkCenters: Application Framework, for PeopleSoft Classic User Interface.

To add a user-defined link to the My Work pagelet in Classic WorkCenters, first create a new filter definition, then create a new Application Class, and finally, add the link to the pagelet.

A series of online help videos demonstrates how to do this by providing an example: how to add a link to the My Work pagelet in the General Ledger WorkCenter.

Step 1: Creating a New Filter Definition

Step 2: Creating a New Application Class for the Criteria

Step 3: Adding the Link to the My Work Pagelet

If your business requires a custom link, contact Oracle technical support for your product.