Understanding Related Actions and Self Service Transactions

PeopleSoft delivers a number of related actions for Manager Self Service as well as Employee Self Service for different modules. The Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary enables managers to initiate HCM related manager self service actions for an employee through the use of the Actions menu link. This field in located in the header of the Talent Summary page and in the Direct Line Reports pagelet of Manager Dashboard.

PeopleSoft delivers Authorization as a Service (AaaS) framework to provide row level security to different transactions. HCM leverages AaaS framework to secure the different related actions using application classes.

See PeopleTools: Portal Technology, “Developing and Configuring Related Content Services”.

Delivered Manager Self Service Transactions Available from the Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary Pages

Managers have the ability to access HCM related manager self service transactions using the Actions menu link for his or her subordinates from the Direct Line Reports pagelet of the Manager Dashboard.

This table lists the delivered Manager Self Service menus actions available through the Manager Dashboard:

Manager Self Service Menu

Actions Available from within the Direct Line Reports Pagelet

Time Management

  • Request Absence

  • View Absence Balances

  • View Absence History

Job and Personal Information

  • View Employee Personal Info

  • Request Reporting Change

  • Transfer Employee

  • Promote Employee

  • Request Location Change

  • Change Full/Part Time Status

  • Retire Employee

  • Terminate Employee

Compensation and Stock

  • Request Ad Hoc Salary Change

  • View Total Rewards

  • View Compensation History

  • View Employee Stock Option Summary


  • View Current Team Profiles

  • View Team Historical Profiles

  • View Team Interest Lists

Performance Management

  • Create Performance Document

  • Create Development Document

  • Open Performance Documents

  • Open Development Documents

Career Planning

  • Manage Career Plans

  • View Career Progression Chart

Succession Planning

  • Manage Succession Plans

  • View Succession 360

Manager can also use the Actions menu links to navigate to other pages for an employee using these actions:

  • View in Talent Summary

  • View in Company Directory

The Actions menu items are configured through PeopleSoft Related Content Services. This framework enables developers and subject matter experts to link application pages with contextually relevant collaborative content. When the user clicks the Actions menu drop-down, a list of available related actions appear based on the list of actions registered in Manage Related Content and the access type associated with each action.

Actions are filtered and removed from the list when the logged in manager does not have the correct access type for the Action and employee combination.

Depending on how a transaction’s access type is registered, it is possible for the list of available Actions to vary by employee. If only one access type is used for all transactions, the Action lists will be identical for all employees.