Understanding PeopleSoft Receivables Processing Options

Before you enter or process items and payments, you must set up the tables that form the foundation of your PeopleSoft Receivables system. Some of these tables apply to both receivables and payments; some apply to only one.

PeopleSoft Receivables creates and maintains the System Functions table (PS_ENTRY_USE_TBL), and you cannot modify it. The Entry Type table (PS_ENTRY_TYPE), Automatic Entry Type table (PS_AUTO_ENTRY_TBL), and Item Entry Type table (PS_ITEM_ENTRY_TBL) define subsets of the system functions and determine the structure for reporting, tracking, and general ledger processing.

System functions represent all the processes and actions that are possible for both receivables and payments. Entry types are set up for each sort of transaction that you anticipate. You associate system functions with entry types through subsets of automatic entry types and item entry types. Item entry types make up a subset of system functions that involve the entry of invoices, credit memos, and debit memos. Automatic entry types take care of all the rest—entry types for all of the worksheets and batch processes that generate pending items.

Note: You must set up entry types as either item entry types or automatic entry types before you can use them.