Setting Up Rule Attributes

To define rules attributes, use the Rule Attributes component (IT_RULE_ATTR)

This topic provides an overview of rule attributes and discusses how to set up rule attributes.

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Rule Attributes Page


Define rule attributes to be used when establishing business rules.

Rule Attributes are used in creating business rules. Business rules within PeopleSoft IT Asset Management are the fundamental tests that determine whether assets need attention, either in the system or in the field. Rule attributes define the detailed data of the tests and associate a business rule with a specified field within a specified record in the PeopleSoft database. Business rules must employ at least one rule attribute and may employ more than one.

For example, to set up an attribute called Serial_ID (data that is stored in the Asset Repository):

  1. Select Asset from the Record field.

  2. Select the Field Name of Serial_ID.

  3. The rule attribute called Serial_ID now represents a detail value from the database - the asset's serial number.

  4. Set up a business rule based on the rule attribute, Serial_ID, that evaluates the data in that field for every asset that invokes that business rule.

See Setting Up Business Rules.

Attributes must be selected from these records only:




  • IT_HRDWR_CACHE – 3rd Party IT Asset Repository

Warning! Record names are restricted to the list provided with PeopleSoft software. Any additions or changes to the delivered tables are considered a customization and must be tested thoroughly before deploying into the production environment.

Common Metasql Constructs

Terms such as today's date are not defined as rule attributes. Use metasql constructs for commonly used terms.

Use the Rule Attributes page (IT_RULE_ATTR) to define rule attributes to be used when establishing business rules.

Image: Rule Attributes page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Rule Attributes page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Rule Attributes page

Field or Control


Attribute ID

Enter the unique system identifier for the ID.


Enter the description for the attribute being defined.

Note: This description appears as an attribute and not the attribute ID.


Select a record from the list. The list of records available for defining rule attributes are: ASSET, ASSET_CUSTODIAN, ASSET_LOCATION, and IT_HRDWR_CACHE.

Field Name

Select a field from the list. Values vary depending on the record that you selected.

Note: The Record field and Field Name field have a parent-child relationship. The field names vary depending on record selection.

System Maintained

This is a display-only field. ITAM delivers the SOFTWARE attribute that cannot be modified; in that case, theSystem Maintained check box displays as selected.