Understanding the Product Definition

Defining products, as well as product kits and services, begins in PeopleSoft Inventory when you establish item attributes. When you enter the item definition, you can elect to have the system add the item as a product in PeopleSoft Order Management. When the item definition is saved, the product ID, description, and standard unit of measure are copied to the Product Definition table in PeopleSoft Order Management.

Note: If the product use is contracts-only, an inventory item is not associated with the product. The product kit product also is not associated with an inventory item. These products are created directly in the product definition component.

After products are created in PeopleSoft Inventory, use the pages in PeopleSoft Order Management to change or add product attributes.

You can share product information across multiple business units and access PeopleSoft Inventory data to determine the availability of stocked products. Product catalogs enable you to choose the products that best fit each customer's needs. You can also group products to facilitate pricing, sales analysis, and reporting. Products have the organization's product numbers or customer part numbers on sales orders.

PeopleSoft Order Management uses the product ID as a primary search key for the Product Master table. When you have defined a product ID, you can access a link in the drop-down menu on any page that will invoke a product search.

Perform these product tasks before you create products and product kits:

  • Establish automatic numbering.

  • Establish product group tables.

  • Define standard and custom notes.

  • Set up the item in PeopleSoft Inventory. Contracts-only products do not require an Inventory item.

  • Associate the item with a unit of measure and define its conversion rates. Contracts-only products do not require item attributes.

Field or Control


Product ID

The product ID defined on the Item Definition - General: Common page.