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Field or Control



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Effective Date

Date on which a table row becomes effective; the date that an action begins. For example, if you want to close out a ledger on June 30, the effective date for the ledger closing would be July 1. This date also determines when you can view and change the information. Pages or panels and batch processes that use the information use the current row.

Language or Language Code

The language in which you want report field labels and headings to print. The field values appear as you enter them.

Language also refers to the language spoken by an employee, applicant, or non-employee.

Process Frequency (group box)

Designates the appropriate frequency in the Process Frequency group box:

Once processes the request the next time the batch process runs. After the batch process runs, the process frequency is automatically set to Don't Run.

Always processes the request every time the batch process runs.

Don't Run ignores the request when the batch process runs

Process Monitor

The Process Monitor link takes you to the Process List page, where you can view the status of submitted process requests.

Report ID

The report identifier.

Report Manager

The Report Manager link takes you to the Report List page, where you can view report content, check the status of a report, and view content detail messages including a description of the report and the distribution list.


Select to have a report print in the language defined for the recipient of the report.

Request ID

A request identification that represents a set of selection criteria for a report or process.


Click the Run button to view the Process Scheduler request page, where you can specify the location where a process or job runs and the process output format.

Run Control ID

Each run control you create receives a unique run control ID. When you select a process from a menu, a search dialog box appears, asking for a run control ID. In Add mode, you enter a new ID to define a new the run control. In Update/Display mode, you enter an existing run control ID or click Enter and select from the list of available run control IDs.

Short Description

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Select to have a report print in the language that you specify in the Language field.


Select Active or Inactive. By linking status and effective date, you can retain historical information and plan future implementation. For auditing purposes, PeopleSoft encourages inactivating data that is no longer in use instead of deleting it.

User ID

The system identifier for the individual who generates a transaction.