Making Customer Inquiries

This section discusses how to view the customers' credit details and other related information.

Page Name

Definition Name


Customer Attachments Page


View attachments, such as multimedia files, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, ScreenCams, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, to customer records.

Credit Available Page


Check customers' credit positions.

Customer Messages Page


View messages that are associated with customers.

Customer Notes Page


View notes that are available for customers.

Use the Credit Available page (CUST_CREDIT_AVAIL) to check customers' credit positions.

Note: In the search page, a Corporate SetID value is required to use the Corporate Cust ID field. When the user selects the Corporate ID search button, the corporate customer name fields will be visible on the search page that appears.

Bill-To Customer

Field or Control


Total Backlog Amount

Represents the total value of the sales order lines that are scheduled to ship within the number of backlog days that you specify on the Credit Check page.

Total Aged AR (total aged accounts receivable)

Number of open receivables that are included in the credit checking algorithm. The open receivables that are included in this number are contained in the aging categories that you select for credit checking on the Aging page.

Credit Available

Determined by this equation:

Credit Limit − (Total Aged AR) − (Total Backlog Amount within × Days) = Credit Available + % over limit

Note: You must run the Receivables Update process in the Maintain Receivables menu to populate the Aging Amount field for the bill to customer and the Total Aged AR field for the corporate customer.

Corporate Customer

Field or Control


SetID and Corporate ID

Displays the SetID and Corporate ID of the customer.

Draft Balances

Displays the Actual Debt Amounts and the Remitted Amounts.