Overriding RMA Address Information

This section lists common elements and lists the pages used to override RMA address information.

Page Name

Definition Name


RMA Header Return-From Address (returned material authorization header return from address) Page


Override the RMA return from address information at the RMA header level.

See RMA Form Page

RMA Sold-To Address (returned material authorization sold to address) Page


Change the RMA sold to address information.

See RMA Form Page

RMA Customer Address (returned material authorization customer address) Page


View the address for the customer on the RMA.

See RMA Form Page

Customer Address Page


View the address for the customer who returned the products.

RMA Line Return - From Address (returned material authorization line return from address) Page


Change the RMA return from address at the line level.

Field or Control


Delete Address Override

If needed, you can subsequently reset the address, replacing the new address with the original from address by clicking the link to restore the original address.