Setting Up Price Maintenance

This section discusses:

  • PeopleSoft Order Management workstation setup requirements.

  • How to configure connection properties.

  • List Price Maintenance user security requirements.

Workstation Setup Requirements

You must install several supporting applications to enable Microsoft Excel and the PeopleSoft system to communicate with one another. Additionally, these minimum system requirements must be met for the download and upload of data between Excel and the PeopleSoft system to function properly:

  • IBM Compatible PC running Windows Operating System.

  • Microsoft Office 2000 - Excel.

  • Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML.dll) Version 3.0 SP2 or greater.

  • Visual Basic 6.0 SP5: Run-Time Redistribution Pack.

  • Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library or greater.

The system administrator should confirm these settings.

PeopleSoft Connection Configuration

Before downloading any data from a PeopleSoft database, you must enter connection information for the PeopleSoft system with which they want to communicate. If this spreadsheet is used on only one system, then you only need to complete this configuration step once. The information provided is saved to the spreadsheet for further connection attempts. It is suggested that the system administrator fill in this information on a master copy of the OMProductPrice.xls file and distribute the modified spreadsheet to all users.

Field or Control


Connection Properties Button

Click the Connection Properties button to set up the OMProductPrice.xls file to communicate with PeopleSoft Order Management.

Web Server Machine Name

Enter the name of the PeopleSoft web server.


Enter the web server protocol, either http or https.


Enter the port the web server is using.


Enter the name of the portal to be used.

Site Name

Enter the site name that was defined when PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture was set up.

Node Name

Enter the node name of the PeopleSoft system.

Language Code

Enter the PeopleSoft Language Code to specify the data download language.

Chunking Factor

If data is uploaded and processed by a component interface, enter the number of transactions sent at a time to be processed by the component interface.

Security Requirements

The modified product price data is downloaded and uploaded using the OM_SOAPTOCIXML link (Security, Permission & Roles, Permission Lists, WEBLIB_OM:SOAPTOCI.FieldFormula.iScript_Connect). You must have permission for this web library if you plan to use the OMProductPrice.xls file to perform mass product price maintenance for Order Management.

See Documentation: Security Administration, "Setting Up Permission Lists."