Viewing Supplier Information

To view Supplier information, use the supplier Information component (VENDOR_AR).

This section discusses how to view supplier names and IDs.

Page Name

Definition Name


Supplier Info Page


View name and ID information for specific suppliers.

Use the Supplier Info (Supplier information) page (CUST_VENDOR_INFO) to view name and ID information for specific suppliers.

If you have PeopleSoft Payables installed, use this page to link suppliers and their associated customer records. When PeopleSoft Receivables requests a customer refund, the Payables system can determine which supplier to use on the voucher.

Note: You cannot add or change any information on this page if you have PeopleSoft Payables installed. If you do not have Payables installed, then you may want to use this page to maintain supplier information for another purpose, such as refunds within the system.