(Optional) Joining Records

This section provides an overview of joins and discusses how to define join conditions.

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Join Conditions Page


Define join conditions.

PeopleSoft Data Transformer enables you to create source data objects that include multiple-table joins. Joins retrieve data from more than one table, presenting the data as if it came from one table. PeopleSoft Data Transformer links the tables, based on common record fields, and links the rows on the two tables by common values in the shared record fields.

Use the Join Conditions page (EOEW_SRCJOIN) to define join conditions.


Enterprise Components > Data Transformation > Define Source Data Objects > Source Data Object > Join Conditions

Note: This page appears only when two or more records are defined in the source data object.

Enter the record name and associated field name for the left and right sides of the join.

The content of the field name drop-down list box is filtered to exclude some fields with data types that cannot be qualified (for example, image columns). You need to fully qualify the join criteria of the selected records; otherwise, processing may return unexpected results. The join criteria will become part of the WHERE clause in the extract SQL.