Accessing the Service Operations Monitor and Process Monitor Components

You monitor system service operation queues through the Service Operations Monitor. It provides information about the delivery status of individual service operations and aids in error processing and resolution. The Service Operations Monitor is generally used by system administrators.

After you submit a job using the Process Scheduler Request page, use the Process Monitor to review the status of scheduled or running processes. You can view all processes to see the status of any job in the queue and control processes that you initiated. The Process Monitor consists of two pages: the Process List page and the Server List page.

Page Name

Definition Name


Monitor Overview


Access high-level service operation information so that you can isolate areas for detailed information. This includes the status of asynchronous service operation messages, publication contracts, and subscription contracts.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Operation Instances


Monitor operation instances. This includes information related to the individual asynchronous service operation instances that exist in a live or an archived system.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Publication Contracts


View publishing contracts. These are outbound service operations that you are sending to remote message nodes with which the system is interacting.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Subscription Contracts


View subscription contracts. These are service operations to run PeopleCode programs to which the local node receives.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Synchronous Services


View synchronous service operations. These are inbound service operations from remote nodes or applications that send information.

Domain Status


Use this page to view the domains that have publishing and subscription servers on them that are running against the application database.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Node Status


Use this page to maintain pause times. A pause time is an interval of time during which the de becomes inactive. When the pause time begins, the node is shut down until the pause time is scheduled to end.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Queue Status


Use this page to view, pause, and start service operation queues.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker



View messaging runtime performance data.

PeopleTools: Integration Broker

Process List


Use this page to monitor the process requests that you submit. This page enables the user to see if a process encounters an error, or if a server is not operating, the user can also see the processes that are queued to run at a future time.

PeopleTools: Process Scheduler

Server List


Use this page to view information about each of the Process Scheduler server agents that are defined in the system.

PeopleTools: Process Scheduler

PeopleTools: Integration Broker