Configuring Fluid Receiving

The PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface is designed for users to access PeopleSoft pages using multiple form factors:

  • SFF: Small Form Factor, such as smart phones.

  • MFF: Medium Form Factor, such as tablets.

  • LFF: Large Form Factor, such as large tablets.

  • XLFF: Extra Large Form Factor, such as desktops.

Page Name

Definition Name


Fluid Installation Settings Page


Set up PeopleSoft eProcurement fluid installation options.

Access is limited to users with the SYSTEM_ADMIN action role.

Use the Fluid Installation Settings page (PV_MOBILE_INST_SEC) to set up PeopleSoft eProcurement fluid installation options.


eProcurement > Administer Procurement > Maintain Overall System Options > eProcurement Installation Options > Fluid Installation Settings

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Fluid Installation Settings page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Fluid Installation Settings page

Field or Control


Search Options

Select required fields to appear on the Fluid eProcurement ePro Receiving Search page.

Search Result Options

Select from the given options based on which the search result will be displayed. Options are:

  • Item ID

  • Manufacturing Item ID

  • Supplier Item ID

  • UPN Details