Formatting Purchase Orders With Oracle BI Publisher

The purchase order format determines the layout of the purchase order when it is printed, faxed, attached to an email, or electronically transmitted using EDX. To format the purchase order, you can choose between SQR and Oracle BI Publisher. If you choose Oracle BI Publisher, then the system uses the PeopleSoft Job POXMLP to dispatch the purchase orders.

BI Publisher is a template-based reporting solution that separates the data extraction process from the report layout and enables the reuse of extracted application data into multiple report layouts. You can change the format or layout of a purchase order report without changing the underlying program that controls the business logic. The format and layout includes the appearance of the report and addition or removal of fields on the report as long as those fields are available as part of the PO dispatch data. Change the purchase order formats by choosing different report template IDs for different types of purchase orders. The template ID for dispatched purchase order can be defined at the system-level, the business unit level, the run control for the dispatch process, or the individual purchase order. To use the BI Publisher for purchase orders in both PeopleSoft eProcurement and PeopleSoft Purchasing, select the Enable XML Publisher check box on the Purchasing page of the Installation Options component.

PeopleSoft is delivered with sample data already set up to generate an BI Publisher purchase order that uses the same format as the SQR report. Use this data as a starting point to create your own layout for purchase orders using the BI Publisher. This data in BI Publisher (Reporting Tools, BI Publisher) includes:

  • Report Definition: PO_DISPATCH

  • Data Source ID: PO_DISPATCH

  • Template File: PO_DISPATCH.RTF

Default Hierarchy for the Template ID

When dispatching purchase orders, the system must identify the BI Publisher template ID. The template ID for a purchase order can be defined on the:

  1. Purchase Order: Enter the template ID for an individual purchase order using the PO Header Details page or the Dispatch Options page. If the Template ID field is blank on the purchase order, then the system looks to the:

  2. Run Control Page for the Dispatch Process: Enter the template ID for the individual process run of the dispatch process. This dispatch process is the PeopleSoft Job POXMLP and can be accessed from the Batch Dispatcher page in PeopleSoft eProcurement or the Dispatch Purchase Orders page in PeopleSoft Purchasing. If the Template ID field is blank on this run control page, then the system looks to the:

  3. Purchasing Business Unit: Enter the template ID for all purchase orders dispatched within one business unit by entering the template ID on the Purchase Order Images page within the Purchasing Business Unit component (BUS_UNIT_PM). If the Template ID field is blank on the Purchase Order Images page, then the system uses the:

  4. Report Definition in BI Publisher: Identify the default template ID on the Report Definition-Template page within the BI Publisher.

Page Name

Definition Name


Installation Options - Purchasing Page


Select the Enable XML Publisher check box to use BI Publisher to format your purchase orders in PeopleSoft eProcurement and PeopleSoft Purchasing.

Report Definition-Template


Associate one or more template IDs with a report definition, such as PO_DISPATCH. Select the Default Template check box to identify one template ID as the default to be used.

Purchase Order Images (Define Dispatch Options)


Use the Template ID field to define a report template for this PeopleSoft Purchasing business unit. Oracle BI Publisher uses this report template for all purchase orders within the business unit unless overridden by another template ID on the individual purchase order or the dispatch process run control page.

Dispatch Purchase Orders


In the Template ID field, select the report template that you want to use with this dispatch process (PeopleSoft Job POXMLP). This field applies to the individual process run and overrides the template ID selected at the business unit level or system-level.

PO Header Details


Use the Template ID field to define an BI Publisher report template for this purchase order.

Dispatch Options


Use the Template ID field to define an BI Publisher report template for this purchase order.

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