Processing Change Requests in PeopleSoft Purchasing

If you have changed an eProcurement requisition that has already been sourced to a purchase order, then a change request might be created and placed in the PV_CHNG_RST_DTL table. When the changed requisition has completed budget checking and approval workflow, the change request in the PV_CHNG_RST_DTL table is changed from a pending status to an approved status. In addition, the change request is also placed in the PeopleSoft Purchasing tables; CHNG_RQST and CHNG_RQST_DTL. These tables contain change requests from many different sources, including; PeopleSoft eProcurement, PeopleSoft Inventory, PeopleSoft Manufacturing, PeopleSoft Order Management, PeopleSoft Supply Planning, third-party sources, as well as PeopleSoft Purchasing itself. The Change Purchase Order process in PeopleSoft Purchasing picks up the change requests and updates the purchase order. For purchase orders that have already been dispatched, a change order could be created and dispatched to the supplier.

For more information on change request processing in PeopleSoft Purchasing, see Creating Change Orders from Approved Change Requests .

See Understanding the Purchase Order Change Order Business Process.

PeopleSoft eProcurement contains links to the following PeopleSoft Purchasing pages:

  • Approve Change Requests page.

  • Change Purchase Orders process.

Page Name

Definition Name


Approve Change Requests Page


Review and approve change requests.

Change Purchase Orders Page


Select parameters for and run the Change Purchase Order process.