Receiving Advanced Shipment Notifications from the Oracle Supplier Network

Advanced shipping notifications (ASNs) can be sent from OSN suppliers to PeopleSoft where they are received as advanced shipping receipts (ASRs). The following steps are used:

  1. The Oracle Supplier Network transmits the advanced shipping notifications from the OSN supplier.

  2. The PeopleSoft connector, fscm_epo_OSNListeningConnector, catches the inbound message which is routed to the ADVANCED_SHIPPING_RECEIPT service operation.

  3. The routing on the service operation contains the transformation program SAC_OAG72ASN that converts the ASNs in OAG XML to the ASRs in PSXML.

  4. The handler AdvancedShippingReceipt, that is defined on the service operation, is executed to update the Receipt Load tables in PeopleSoft.

  5. The Receipt Loader process is then executed to create a receipt, which may then be approved by an administrator.

  6. ASRs can be reviewed on the ASR Review page in PeopleSoft.

Note: A link to the PeopleSoft eSettlements application and to the PeopleSoft eSupplier Connection application is provided within the Oracle Supplier Network on the Trading Partners section.

The PeopleSoft system is delivered with the following setup for receiving ASNs from OSN, this data may need to be altered for your environment:

  • Service operation: ADVANCED_SHIPPING_RECEIPT

  • Message: ADVANCED_SHIPPING_RECEIPT version 2

  • Application Engine transformation program: SAC_OAG72ASN

  • Routing: ORACLE_SN_ASN



  • Handler: AdvancedShippingReceipt

  • Connector: fscm_epo_OSNListeningConnector.

PeopleSoft Service Operation

OSN Transaction Name

cXML Equivalent


OAG Show Shipment 005

cXML Ship Notice Request

Page Name

Definition Name


Load Purchase Order Receipts Page


Run the Receipt Load Application Engine process (PO_RECVLOAD) to load receipt data from the PeopleSoft staging tables into the PeopleSoft Purchasing records.

Purchasing > Receipts > Load Receipts

ASR Review Page


Access information about receipts received using the ADVANCED_SHIPPING_RECEIPT Enterprise Integration Point (EIP) or created by supplier-entered ASNs.

Purchasing > Receipts > Review Receipt Information > Advanced Shipment Receipts > ASR Review