Common Elements Used with Fluid Requisitions

Field or Control


Home button (Home)

Click to return to the main home page for the user.

Global Search button (Search)

Click to enter a global search.

Available actions icon (Action list)

Select to see the list of available actions such as the eProcurement Homepage, My Requisitions, ePro Receiving, My Preferences, and so on.

NavBar button (NavBar)

Click to expand the NavBar window, where you can select window content from options, such as Recent Places, My Favorites, Navigator, My Preferences, and Fluid Home. Click again to collapse the NavBar window.

Search and Advanced Search

Select to enter search terms, such as UPN ID to find requisition items.

There are three different Search Results pages (PV_MOB_855_SRCH, PV_MOB_855_SRCHDC, and PV_MOB_855_SRCHFAV). The main page (PV_MOB_855_SRCH) can be configured through the My Preferences page. Search results are grouped based on Catalog items, Favorites, and Web Suppliers; and displayed on different pages. The Catalog items search includes internal catalog items and external items from a marketplace. If the marketplace supports it, both internal and external catalog items appear on the same page based on the marketplace setup.

A page indicator, displayed at the bottom of the Search Results page, indicates the search results belonging to different item categories. Select the page indicator to view other search results.

Cart icon (Cart)

Select to access the Shopping Cart page. The number indicates how many items are in the cart..

Requisition Defaults

Select to access the Requisition Defaults Page.

Open and close left menu panel (Menu)

Select to open and close the left menu panel.

Go To (Go To button)

Select to view the left hand menu when the Filter button is activated. When this button is green, then it is active.

Filter (Filter button)

Select to view catalog filters. When this button is green, then it is active. Use the filter options to reduce the number of items listed in the right panel. When this button is green, then it is active.

List View (List View button)

Select to view items as a list. When this button is green, then it is active.

Tile View (Tile View button)

Select to view items as tiles. When this button is green, then it is active.

This view allows you to view more items on a page. The number of items displayed depends on the size of your display.

Compare Selected (Compare selected)

Select to compare selected items side-by-side. You must first indicate that you want to compare the items using the Related Actions button, and then selecting Add to Compare List for the item first

Sort (Sort)

Select to sort the item list by Item ID, Item Description, Contract, Inventory, Supplier, Price, Supplier ID, Supplier Item ID, Manufacturer ID, Manufacturer, Mfg Item ID, or Lead Time Days.

Related Actions (Related Actions button)

Select to display related actions that can be performed for the item. Available actions are:

  • Add to Compare

  • Add to Template(s)

  • Add to Favorites

Contract link

Select to access the Contract List window. This window displays item details, contract details and contract reference information. This link is only displayed when a contract is associated with the item.

Inventory link

Select to view the Item Availability window. This window displays item ID and ship to information with a message about availability for the ship to location. This link is only displayed when item availability is not available from the default shipping location.

Price Breaks link

Select to view the Supplier Price Breaks window. This window displays item and supplier information, as well as the supplier price for specific item quantities, also known as price breaks. This link is only available when price breaks are available for the item and from the supplier.

Preferred Supplier (Preferred Supplier)

Displays this icon when the item has a preferred supplier. The preferred supplier appears on the Search Results and Item Details pages.

Item Details (Item Details button)

Select this button, or any open area of the row (or tile) to access the Item Details page.

Add to cart (Add to cart)

Select this button to add an item to your cart.

Show More button (Show more)

Select to flip the tile and display additional information about the item. This button is only available when in Tile View.

Add to Favorites

Select to add the item to your Favorites list. The system displays a confirmation message indicating that the item(s) will be added to your favorites. Select the Done button to confirm or the Cancel button to prevent the item from being added to your favorites.

Add to Template(s)

Select to add the item to an existing or new template. The system displays the Add Selected Items to Template(s) window. This window displays a list of available templates from which to add the item as well as an option to add a new template name and description.

Notifications button (Notifications)

Click to view actions and alerts in a notifications window.

Personalize NavBar icon (Personalize NavBar)

Click to access the personalization window, where you can add and remove selected tiles from the NavBar.