Understanding Requisition Change Tracking

After you create a requisition, you can track changes for the requisition. PeopleSoft Purchasing provides an audit trail to track changes made after a requisition has been approved, budget checked, or sourced to a purchase order, request for quote, or material stock request.

This section discusses how to:

  • Track requisition changes.

  • Review requisition change history.

Note: When you create a change template for tracking requisition changes, you can use it for tracking changes in PeopleSoft eProcurement, Services Procurement, and Purchasing. For more information about tracking changes in these applications, see the PeopleSoft eProcurement 9.2.

See Understanding Requisition Changes and Change Requests.

Page Name

Definition Name


Maintain Requisitions - Requisitions Page


Create and update requisitions online.

Change Reason Page


Enter a reason code for changing a requisition. Requisition change tracking is enabled on the Req Change Options page for the PeopleSoft Purchasing business unit. When you make a change to the requisition and the fields that you change are defined for change tracking, the Change Reason page appears when you save the requisition.

Use the Maintain Requisitions - Requisitions page (REQ_FORM ) to create and update requisitions online.


Purchasing > Requisitions > Add/Update Requisitions > Maintain Requisitions - Requisition

To create a tracked requisition change:

  1. Use the Maintain Requisitions - Requisition page in Update/Display mode, and select the requisition that you want to change.

    Depending on the value established for the business unit's purchasing options, you can also track the changes for requisitions after they have been approved or after they have been sourced or budget checked.

  2. Click the Create Header Change, Create Line Change, or Create Schedule Change button.

    The system makes available the fields that are defined on the Change Template page. The button is located on the Maintain Requisitions - Requisitions for header changes. For line changes, click the Line Details link and the button appears on the Details for Line page for each line. For schedules, the button is available for each line on the Schedule page.

  3. After you make the change, the system displays the Track Changes field and increments the change for this requisition by one.

    You can change fields that are not included on the change template at any time, but the system does not track the changes. You can also view the current change reason code and use the Change History option in the Go To field to view a history of tracked changes.