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A sub-clause specifying the username, password, and net service name for connecting to a target, recovery catalog, or auxiliary database. The connection is necessary to authenticate the user and identify the database.


Keywords and Parameters


if you do not specify a userid or password when connecting to the target database, a forward slash establishes a connection as SYS using O/S authentication. For example, enter the following to connect to the target database:

% rman target /

Note: The forward slash depends on the ORACLE_SID environment variable to know which database you want to connect to. The ORACLE_SID can point to either the auxiliary or target database, but not both at the same time.You cannot connect to the recovery catalog database using only the forward slash.  


establishes a connection to the database for the specified user. If you do not specify a password, RMAN obtains the password interactively by displaying a prompt. The characters will not be echoed to the terminal.

You must have SYSDBA authority when connecting to the target database, but must not connect as SYS to the recovery catalog database.

Note: The connect string must not contain any white space, but it can contain punctuation characters such at "/" and "@".  



establishes a connection for the specified user using a password. If the target database is not open, then a password file must exist.  


establishes a connection to the database using an optional Net8 net service name. The service name must be valid as specified in the tnsnames.ora file.  


Connecting Without a Recovery Catalog

This example connects to the target database using a password and the Net8 service name PROD1:

% rman target sys/change_on_install@prod1 nocatalog
Entering the Password Interactively

This example connects to the target database as user SYS but without specifying a password at the command line:

% rman target sys

Recovery Manager: Release

target database Password:
Connecting with O/S Authentication

This example starts RMAN and then connects to the target database PROD1 using O/S authentication and the recovery catalog database RCAT using a password file:

% rman
RMAN> connect target /
RMAN> connect catalog rman/rman@rcat
Connecting to a Target Database, Recovery Catalog, and Auxiliary Instance

This example connects to three different databases from the command line, specifying a username, password, and net service name for each:

% rman target sys/sysdba@prod1 catalog rman/rman@rcat auxiliary sys/sysdba@dupdb

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