ActivityStep REST Endpoints


Activity steps provide a way to break activities down into smaller units and track the completion of those units. For example, the activity Prepare for System Integration and Testing might contain the following steps:

  • Establish test cases and test procedures
  • Create test data
  • Update SDFs

You can add as many steps to an activity as you need: some activities will require more steps to complete than others and some activities may require no additional steps at all. If progress occurs on the step, enter a percent complete or set the IsCompleted flag if the step is 100% complete. You can also assign additional information to steps, such as cost, start and finish dates, and text.

Weighted steps

Weighted steps enable you to track the progress of an activity based on the number of steps completed. When activity percent complete is specified to be based on activity steps, and physical is chosen as the activity's percent complete type, activity percent complete is updated based on the weight you assign to each activity step.

For example, in the activity Prepare for System Integration and Testing mentioned above, the steps are assigned weights of 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0 respectively. When you specify the step Establish Test Cases and Test Procedures to be complete, the activity's physical percent complete is updated to 50 percent (because the total weight for the steps in this activity is 6.0 and the weight for this step is 3.0; therefore, half the work on this activity, according to the weight of the steps, has been completed).

The ActivityStep service supports user defined fields (UDFs). Use the UDFValue service to assign UDFs.

Create ActivitySteps
Method: post
Path: /activityStep
Delete ActivitySteps
Method: delete
Path: /activityStep
Read ActivitySteps
Method: get
Path: /activityStep
Update ActivitySteps
Method: put
Path: /activityStep
View ActivityStep Field Length
Method: get
Path: /activityStep/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View ActivityStep fields
Method: get
Path: /activityStep/fields