BaselineProject REST Endpoints


A baseline is a complete copy of a project plan that you can compare to the current schedule to evaluate progress. Baselines can be used to perform cost and schedule analysis. Before you update a schedule for the first time, you should create a baseline plan in the Project Management application.

The simplest baseline plan is a complete copy, or snapshot, of the original schedule. This snapshot provides a target against which you can track a project's cost, schedule, and performance. When you create a baseline, you can save a copy of the current project to use as the baseline or you can choose to convert another project in the EPS hierarchy to a baseline for the current project.

You can save an unlimited number of baselines per project; however, the number of baselines you can actually save per project is determined by administrative preference settings, which are typically controlled by the project controls coordinator or administrator. Regardless of the number of baselines you save for a project, at any given time you can select only up to three baselines for comparison purposes. The Baselines feature includes an option for you to specify which baselines you want to use for comparison. You must select a primary baseline. The primary baseline is used for project/activity usage spreadsheets and profiles, as well as earned value calculations. Second and third baselines are not required.

BaselineProjects may not be directly summarized by the summarizer job service. Baseline projects will have summary data if the summarizer job service was used to summarize the project that was used to create the baseline before the baseline was created. The StartDate and FinishDate fields are based on summary data.

This business object supports user defined fields (UDFs) and codes. Use the UDFValue business object to assign UDFs, and the ProjectCodeAssignment business object to assign ProjectCodes

Create BaselineProjects
Method: post
Path: /baselineProject
Delete BaselineProjects
Method: delete
Path: /baselineProject
Read BaselineProjects
Method: get
Path: /baselineProject
Update BaselineProjects
Method: put
Path: /baselineProject
View BaselineProject Field Length
Method: get
Path: /baselineProject/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View BaselineProject fields
Method: get
Path: /baselineProject/fields