ProjectCodeType REST Endpoints


Project code types provide a way of classifying project codes. Project codes are user-defined codes to classify and categorize projects across the enterprise. They are defined globally.

You can organize the projects in your EPS in groups according to specific categories, such as location and manager, using project codes. You can define unlimited hierarchical project codes to fulfill the filtering, sorting, and reporting requirements for your projects, and arrange them hierarchically for easier management and assignment.

The Project Codes dictionary is global to the entire enterprise. Assign a project code value to projects for each project code you create.

Use project codes to group projects, consolidate large amounts of information, and to distinguish one project from another. All projects assigned a value for a code are grouped by their corresponding values when you group and sort by project code in the Project Management application.

Create ProjectCodeTypes
Method: post
Path: /projectCodeType
Delete ProjectCodeTypes
Method: delete
Path: /projectCodeType
Read ProjectCodeTypes
Method: get
Path: /projectCodeType
Update ProjectCodeTypes
Method: put
Path: /projectCodeType
View ProjectCodeType Field Length
Method: get
Path: /projectCodeType/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View ProjectCodeType fields
Method: get
Path: /projectCodeType/fields