ResourceAccess REST Endpoints


Resource access allows you to restrict a user's ability to access resources. If the User.AllResourceAccessFlag is True, the user has access to all resources and resource access does not apply. If the User.AllResourceAccessFlag is False, the user has restricted resource access. In this case, the user is assigned to a resource in the resource hierarchy and that resource becomes the user's root resource access node. The position of the user's root resource access node in the hierarchy determines the user's resource access. The user has access to that root resource access node and all of its children, but no other resources above in the hierarchy. If the user is not assigned to any resources, that user does not have access to resources. Admin Superusers always have all resource access.

Note that project access overrides resource access. If a user can access a project, the user is able to see all resources assigned to that project. The user can then assign these resources anywhere but will only be able to edit them if the user has resource access to them.

Resource Access business objects may not be updated. To change the values on a Resource Access object, create a new object with the desired values and delete the old object.

Create ResourceAccess
Method: post
Path: /resourceAccess
Delete ResourceAccess
Method: delete
Path: /resourceAccess
Read ResourceAccess
Method: get
Path: /resourceAccess
View ResourceAccess Field Length
Method: get
Path: /resourceAccess/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View ResourceAccess fields
Method: get
Path: /resourceAccess/fields