Role REST Endpoints


Roles are project personnel job titles or skills, such as mechanical engineer, inspector, or carpenter. They represent a type of resource with a certain level of proficiency rather than a specific individual. Roles can also be assigned to specific resources to further identify that resource's skills. For example, a resource may have a role of a engineer and manager.

You can create a set of roles to assign to resources and activities in all projects in the enterprise. You can establish an unlimited number of roles and organize them in a hierarchy for easier management and assignment. The set of roles you assign to an activity defines the activity's skill requirements.

You can temporarily assign roles during the planning stages of the project to see how certain resources affect the schedule. Once you finalize your plans, you can replace the roles with resources that fulfill the role skill levels. Five proficiency levels can be assigned to roles: Master, Expert, Skilled, Proficient and Inexperienced.

Roles are hierarchical objects.

Create Role
Method: post
Path: /role
Delete Role
Method: delete
Path: /role
Read Role
Method: get
Path: /role
Update Activities
Method: put
Path: /role
View Role Field Length
Method: get
Path: /role/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View Role fields
Method: get
Path: /role/fields