UserFieldTitle REST Endpoints


User fields enable you to add your own custom fields and values to the project database. For example, you can track additional activity data, such as delivery dates and purchase order numbers, or resource and cost-related data, such as profit, variances, and revised budgets.

In the Project Management application you can display custom user fields in the columns of the Activity Table and then print the layout. You can also group, sort, filter, and summarize by user field, as well as add user fields to reports you create. Use Global Change to assign values to Activity and Activity Resource Assignments type user fields.

You may not create or delete user field titles; they may only be loaded and updated.

Read UserFieldTitles
Method: get
Path: /userFieldTitle
Update UserFieldTitles
Method: put
Path: /userFieldTitle
View UserFieldTitle Field Length
Method: get
Path: /userFieldTitle/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View UserFieldTitle fields
Method: get
Path: /userFieldTitle/fields