Summarize EPS



Asynchronously summarizes a EPS.


Header Parameters
Supported Media Types
Request Body - application/json ()
A list of summarise EPS objects.
Root Schema : List<SummarizeEPS>
Type: array
Title: List<SummarizeEPS>
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Nested Schema : SummarizeProject
Type: object
Title: SummarizeProject
SummarizeProject Entity
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  • The unique identifier of the EPS you want to summarize.
  • The amount of time in seconds that the server side will wait for the job service to complete before it returns with the current job status. The Timeout parameter is optional. When this operation is used without specifying a Timeout parameter or with a Timeout of 0, the server immediately returns without waiting for the job service to complete.
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Supported Media Types

201 Response

Body ()
Root Schema : JobServiceResponse
Type: object
Title: JobServiceResponse
JobServiceResponse Entity
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400 Response

Bad Request.

401 Response


403 Response


404 Response

Not Found.

405 Response

Invalid Input.

500 Response

Internal Server Error.
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