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Calculate the project score of a project specified by the ProjectObjectId based on a selected set of ProjectCodeTypeObjectId's. The Project Score feature helps you evaluate projects by using project codes to identify and quantify characteristics that can be used to determine project rankings. P6 EPPM Web Services uses the weighted project code and code values assigned to a project to calculate its score. To use project scoring features, you create weighted project codes that represent project criteria you want to evaluate, for example, projected sales and risk. You further express the possible attributes associated with these evaluation criteria as weighted project code values, for example, projected sales might be described as either high, medium, or low potential. Finally, you assign the appropriate weighted codes and code values to the projects you want to score. Typically, project code and code value weights are set up by a project controls or system administrator.


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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Body ()
Root Schema : CalculateProjectScoreResponse
Type: object
Title: CalculateProjectScoreResponse
CalculateProjectScoreResponse Entity
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