Understanding Business Interlink Class

The PeopleSoft Business Interlink framework provides a gateway for PeopleSoft applications to the services of any external system. This framework enables any PeopleSoft component (that is, a page, an Application Engine program, and so on) to integrate with any external system in near real-time and batch modes.

This framework enables a PeopleCode program to map the input and outputs of a Business Interlink definition to PeopleCode variables and record fields, then, using an Interlink object, call the Interlink plug-in, which in turn calls the external system, passes the information to the external system, and returns values to the PeopleCode program.

This documentation describes only the Interlink object portion of the PeopleSoft Business Interlink framework.

Each Interlink object is based on a Business Interlink definition, which is created in Application Designer. An Interlink object can be based on only a single Business Interlink definition.

Note: PeopleSoft Business Interlinks is a deprecated product. The Business Interlinks class currently exists for backward compatibility only. For new integrations, use Integration Broker instead.